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... 'to engineer the enterprise' ...
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Taking control of the organization with Xemod process modeling software

Insight into the operating processes of your organization is important for various reasons. Xemod software helps you managing your organization by giving a tool to specifically define your business and operating processes. Next to that it simplifies decision making on outsourcing issues. Xemod software also enables implementing organizational change and aligning business with IT.

Gaining insight in the operating processes requires a specific description of your organization. First, responsibilities, authorities and competencies of actors need to be documented. Second, the transactions between the actors in the business processes must be described.

Xemod is based on DEMO

The Xemod modeling software, developed by Mprise, supports you in the (re)design and (re)engineering of your organization. To this end, Xemod uses the ‘DEMO methodology’ (Design & Engineering Methodology for Organizations; see www.demo.nl).

Xemod is more than drawing

With Xemod you can draw the diagrams DEMO employs. It also provides a repository. Next to that you can carry out consistency checks. And you are able to generate reports in several formats and link diagrams to each other. With all this functionality, Xemod provides you the process (re)engineering tools you need!

Four advantages of Xemod

  • Higher quality of models as Xemod supports the formal syntax and semantics of the DEMO methodology.
  • Higher quality of models, for Xemod checks the consistency of the created models.
  • Flexibility with the creation and adaptation of models as the consistency check is carried out afterwards.
  • Perfect support with the quick creation of complete diagrams due to the presence of a repository.

Xemod major versions

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